RAE’s logo, Mercury, symbolizes thought itself, understanding.

It is he who analyzes fragments, classifies, and evaluates by using clear and objective thought.

Ramos Andrade Engenharia is a company specialized in Construction Management that utilizes tools and techniques to integrate all processes necessary to execute a project, operating in the areas of infrastructure, retail, and services.

Counting on a highly capable technical team and utilizing one of the most recognizably effective management methodologies in the world, RAE offers its clients the most valuable products for the execution of construction projects: safety and peace of mind, no matter how big the project may be.

Advantages of RAE Management

  • Project execution by Project Management specialists.
  • Guarantee of alignment with the client’s business objectives and corporate culture.
  • Integration of companies involved into a single point of contact.
  • Allow the clients to focus their efforts in their business.
  • Guaranteed optimization of resources, ensuring compliance with goals and deadlines within budget.