Structure of a UGP

The UGP – Unidade de Gerenciamento do Programa (Program Management Unit) is the nucleus of the operational intelligence, responsible for the planning, management, and control of the program being implemented. The UGP is subordinated to a UCP – Unidade de Coordenação do Programa (Program Coordination Unit), assembled in conjunction with the client.

The Program Coordination Unit is implemented within the client’s corporate structure, in conjunction with the management, allowing the client to maintain strategic control over the program. The UCP is responsible for the coordination, control, follow-up and evaluation of the execution of the Program, in addition to the financial and accounting management of the project.

Characteristics of a Management Unit:

  • Management autonomy: for decisions regarding the management of the program implementation.
  • Cultural alignment: incorporates elements from the client’s environment.
  • Life Cycle equivalent to the Program: without inflating the client’s structure.
  • Low degree of internal formalization / decision agility: direct relationship between the members of the Management Unit.
  • Small / streamlined: Few, highly capable professionals (management level).
  • Management of executing partners: the UGP is the connective point between the client and the executing partners.

Added value:

  • Guarantee that the project will be fully in line with the client’s business objectives and corporate culture.
  • Integration and simplification of the number of companies involved, allowing the client to have just one single point of contact.
  • Guarantee of generation of savings and optimization of resources for the client, ensuring fulfillment of goals within budget.
  • Guarantee that the project will be conducted and executed by professionals specialized in Project Management.
  • Guarantee that the project will be conducted within deadline, allowing for a precise business plan and savings of resources.
  • Allow the client to focus its efforts in its own business.